1. The first step to finding the right fit is to measure your pet.
  2. Begin by measuring their chest and neck, noting down the measurement.
    Next, use the size guide to select a harness that best suits the range of measurements you have gathered.
  1. To put your pet into their harness, begin by loosening all straps and undoing the buckle.
  2. Slip the head hole of the harness over your pet’s head. It should be sitting so that the fabric side sits across their chest and the main D-ring is on their back.
  3. You will then need to lift your pet’s front leg through the leg hole to ensure the straps now sit behind both front legs.
  4. Fasten the clip around your pet’s body.
  5. Adjust as necessary. There are three points to check for adjustments, two around the neck and one around the body. Ensure the harness fits snuggly, but you can still fit two fingers between your pet and the harness at all points.

It is crucial that the harness is fitting correctly.
A harness that is too tight will cause your pet discomfort and can lead to irritability, pain, chafing, or abrasions. A harness that is too loose can also be dangerous; your pet could get caught on something, tangle themselves up, or they might be able to free themselves.


Harnesses are a safe and comfortable option for dogs of all breeds and sizes. They offer gentle control and help avoid unnecessary pressure on your pet’s neck or back.

There is such a variety of harnesses that we are sure you will find something you love. Conquer the world and remain fashionable at the same time!

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