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Indoor Fire Hazards

Adorable Golden Retriever dog on floor near a fireplace indoors

We all know how much our furry friends are attracted to the heat and love to curl up in a warm, cosy spot. As we embrace the cooler months and begin to turn up the heat indoors, it is important to ensure you are considering the safety of your pets and are aware of any potential fire and heating hazards around the home this winter.

1. Fireplaces

Many of our pets love to curl up in front of the fireplace and can spend hours soaking up the warmth. While there isn’t anything wrong with this, there are a few things to be aware of to ensure their continued health and well-being. The most obvious of these is to make sure that there are adequate safety barriers between your pet and the open flame. All it takes is for an overly excited tail to wag a little too much and your pet could suffer serious burns. Another thing to be aware of is overheating and burning their fur and skin from being too close to the flame or spending too many concentrated hours there without a break. Here are our top safety precautions to put in place for pets that love the heat:

– Never leave your pet alone for too long with any type of heater

– Install a fire safety screen

– Make sure your pet takes regular water breaks and spends time away from the heat source

– Ensure proper fireplace ventilation to prevent inhaling any unhealthy fumes

2. Candles

Our pets are naturally curious creatures who don’t always understand the risks and reactions of their actions. It may seem perfectly harmless, but a small candle can be one of the most significant fire hazards in a home with pets. Our pets are not always spatially aware and can easily knock small candles over. This could lead to your pet burning themselves or creating an even larger fire within the home. Candles can also create a sense of curiosity that our pets can’t resist, leading them to want to play with the flame. Where possible, keep candles out of reach of your curious pets. This, however, isn’t always possible, so we recommend monitoring your pets, ensuring flames are out of reach of inquisitive paws and wagging tails.

3. Wires and cables

Whilst not a threat in most cases, wires and cables can prove to be a fire hazard for playful pets that don’t recognise that they aren’t toys. Most pets love to play with anything and everything, so it is important to always be aware of what your pet is playing with and remove any cables from their reach if they begin treating them like toys. By scratching or chewing, our pets may remove the outer protectant on cables and expose wires. If wires are ever exposed, discontinue use.

We hope these helpful tips will ensure that your pet, the rest of your household and your property all stay safe!

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