Litle dog on blanket with a teddy bear

Baby, it’s cold outside


Litle dog on blanket with a teddy bear

Winter is coming, and we are ready to get cosy with our furry friends. Temperatures are dropping, the wind is picking up, and we cannot wait to pull out all our winter outfits and blankets. As we notice the change in seasons, it is important to make sure that our pets are ready to handle the weather. We have suggestions, tips, and tricks to make this winter comfortable and snuggly-ready for your pet.


A big step to keeping your pet warm on those cold, winter nights is ensuring they have good bedding. Our pets often spend more time snuggling up on their beds when it is cold. The best way to keep them content is to ensure their bed is away from drafts and elevated from cold, hard surfaces. Your pet will be warmer if their bed is on a carpeted or rug surface compared to concrete, tiles or floorboards. You could even invest in a special blanket for your pet that they can curl up in! Just remember to be cautious of the height their bed is elevated to, as the cold can cause muscle soreness and joint problems, making movement harder for some pets, particularly senior pets.

Bulldog on a serenity donut bed


Most of our pets have beautiful, thick fur that keeps them warm. However, most would enjoy the added warmth of a jumper or jacket when outside or away from a heat source. Dogs and cats that are particularly thin, short-haired breeds, senior pets, puppies or kittens, or pets with medical conditions will often notice the cold first.

cat wearing a teddy jumper

A pet jumper or jacket should fit snuggly but not too tight that it restricts movement. To find the right fit, measure your pet from the neck to the base of its tail and around its chest. We recommend using its back measurement to find the best fit.

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All dogs and cats can benefit from an added layer of warmth in cold conditions. The positive is that while providing a practical purpose and keeping your pet warm, they are also a serious fashion statement. If your pet loves our range, be sure to tag us on Instagram at


Winter is often an indoor, cosy time, but it is important to remember our pets still need to exercise to remain healthy and happy. This can be challenging given the weather, but you and your pet will feel better after grabbing your favourite winter coats and going for a brisk walk together. You can also keep your pet moving inside by initiating household games that promote physical and mental stimulation.

dog wearing knitted jumper outdoors


Our pets, particularly our feline friends, are known for being heat seekers. They are often found seeking the warmest spots of the house. Be aware of this, as cats and dogs can be oblivious to the dangers of falling asleep near heaters or fires. This can lead to dehydrated skin and potentially threatening burns. Make sure to check for dried-out paws and skin and use a balm or treatment if necessary.


Often, the cold weather will affect senior cats and dogs the most. It aggravates stiff joints and arthritis. Be extra mindful with your senior friends and ensure that they stick to regular routines and exercise patterns in a safe, modified way. It is crucial to maintain exercise as movement encourages good circulation and develops muscle tone. Use the above tips to help your senior pet stay as comfortable as possible this winter and monitor them for signs of pain and discomfort. Head to your nearest vet if you notice unusual behaviours and symptoms.

small dog wearing jumper and enjoying the outdoors

But our biggest tip this winter is recommending lots of cuddles to keep the whole family warm and happy.

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