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Bamboo Slicker Brush




Perfect for most coat types, the Dan & Sam Bamboo Slicker Brush will help keep your furry friend looking their very best. It works to remove debris, spreading the natural oils and removing loose hair. A regular brush will reduce the amount of hair your pet sheds around your home and reduce tangles and matting. Brushing is also a great way to bond with your pet, particularly for those that love how it feels. Available in small and large sizes to suit your pet’s needs. Made from sustainable bamboo, these are the perfect addition to your grooming kit.


Brush your pet’s coat gently, taking extra care around sensitive areas such as the head, stomach and genitals. Remove hair from the brush while grooming. Remember to always brush in the same direction that your pet’s hair grows. Use the slicker brush only on a dry coat to prevent scratching your pet’s skin. Take extra care with small breeds and short-haired coats.


Our Dan & Sam Bamboo Grooming Tools are made from sustainable bamboo.


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