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Bamboo Dematting Rake




The Dan & Sam Bamboo Dematting Rake is ideal for cutting through knots and thinning hair. With rounded pins for your pet’s comfort, the dematting rake is the best tool for cutting and removing any dead, shedding, matted or knotted hair from even the innermost layer without damaging the coat. Be careful when grooming your dog, only brushing in the direction that it grows. Groom your pet without pulling through too roughly, as this will be uncomfortable for them. When working out matts, hold their coat securely to avoid contact with your pet’s skin. We recommend using a slicker brush after use to remove loose hair.


Starting at the neck and working your way down, gently brush through your pet’s hair. When you come across a tangle or matt, gently work through it by continuously going over the same area with your brush, taking care not to pull or cause discomfort. Work slowly and calmly, removing loose hair as you go and using treats to reward and keep your pet calm.


Our Dan & Sam Bamboo Grooming Tools are made from sustainable bamboo.


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