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Bamboo Nail Clipper




Easy to use, the Dan & Sam Nail Clippers are the perfect tool to keep your dog or cat’s nails at a comfortable length. It is essential that your pet’s nails are maintained to avoid sore paws, legs and hips. Our clippers have a cutting guard as an added safety feature to prevent overcutting and help you control trimming. Made from sustainable bamboo, these are the perfect addition to your grooming kit.


Step 1: Hold your dog or cat’s paw and softly squeeze their paw pad, helping to spread their toes, making trimming easier.
Step 2: Examine each toe carefully before trimming. Begin trimming each nail at a 45-degree angle, taking off only a small amount of nail at a time.
Step 3: While trimming each nail, be careful not to cut too deeply, avoiding cutting into the quick. If you see a small black dot in the centre of the nail, stop trimming. While some dogs and cats will happily sit in your lap while you trim their claws, others do not enjoy the experience. Remember to be gentle and remain calm, soothing your pet and encouraging them with positive reinforcements and treats.


Our Dan & Sam Bamboo Grooming Tools are made from sustainable bamboo.


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