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Bamboo Rotating Wide Tooth Rake




The Dan & Sam Rotating Wide Tooth Rake is the perfect tool for removing and untangling knots and snarls and general maintenance. The rake works to separate fur, keeping your pet always looking their very best. Use the rotating rake before bathing, as water will only tighten and worsen tangles. It detangles fur while also cleaning, stimulating blood flow, and increasing natural coat oils without causing any breakage or pulling on the fur. The pins have rounded ends and rotate to glide through the coat comfortably. Ideal for longer-haired dogs and those with an undercoat. Made from sustainable bamboo, these are the perfect addition to your grooming kit.


Working in small sections, brush along your pet’s natural hairline and over the entire coat, starting at the neck and moving towards their tail. As you brush, the pins will gently rotate, helping to loosen dense or matted portions of the coat without causing any breakage. Less hair is pulled from your pet and the experience is much nicer and simpler for all. For tough knots and tangles, gently grab the fur and place your hand between the matt and your pet’s skin, working at the knot gently and protecting your pet’s skin.


Our Dan & Sam Bamboo Grooming Tools are made from sustainable bamboo.


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